Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is just three days away. What will you give the number one woman in your life that shows how much you care? In case you’re panicking to find the perfect mother’s day gift, here are some tips to get you thinking:

  • If your mom loves chocolates, consider CoCoBrain Truffles. These chocolate-orange truffles are fortified with life’sDHA to cover cravings and provide 50 mg of DHA per serving to help support brain health.
  • If your mom loves to read, try Eat Your Way to Sexy by registered dietitian, Elizabeth Somer. This book explains the relevance between what you eat and how sexy you feel! This is a fun book with lots of recipes and nutrition advice to feel sultry, powerful and alive.
  • Get connected! Take your mom out for a lunch date and strike up a conversation. She’ll love spending time with you and social interaction is great for brain health.

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