Support Your Family’s Brain Health


Staying healthy as a family is the best way to ensure each member is getting what they need to grow and sustain a healthy mind. There are simple nutrition tips and exercises you can do as a family to ensure everyone is healthy as they grow.

Elizabeth Somer, M.A. and registered dietitian suggests families spend time cooking a well-balanced meal together. This activity strengthens relationships and allows children to learn about nutritious foods.

Try making salmon burgers topped with tomatoes on a whole-wheat bun served with fortified milk such as Horizon Organic Milk Plus DHA Omega-3.

Teach your kids:

  • Tomatoes are filled with antioxidants that help to prevent sickness.
  • Salmon has good omega-3 fatty acids like DHA to help support your brain health.
  • The calcium in milk makes your bones stay strong.
  • Whole wheat helps give you energy so you can play outside longer.

Speaking of playing outside, research shows associations between physical activities, improved cognitive skills and reduced risk for cognitive decline. Here are some fun family activities to keep the brain healthy:

  • Run a relay race. In a grassy area, gather friends and family and pair them off into teams. The clock starts and one person from each team races until all team members make it back to the start.
  • Play a game of lawn bowling. Set a mark in the ground and prop up ten stuffed animals five feet away from it, each a foot away from the other. Use a basketball or soccer ball to try to knock over the toys.
  • You’re it! Put a handkerchief in each person’s pocket. Run around and try to grab the cloth from other people’s pockets. The person with the most handkerchiefs at the end of the game wins.

Share your favorite family recipe or game with us by commenting below.

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