Memory Tips Podcast


Men’s Health magazine recently interviewed Nelson Dellis, two-time USA Memory Champion, about memory and brain health.

Dellis told host Steve Belanger he only began sharpening his memory skills three years ago, which means with practice, many people can learn memory skills using a few simple tools.

“It’s something you can strengthen, just like your body, your muscles, to improve your health,” said Dellis [3:40].

Try these memory tools at home:

  1. Remember to remember: pay attention to what you’re trying to memorize
  2. Brain training: memorize your grocery list rather than writing it down, or make it your goal to memorize names when you’re out socializing
  3. Stay healthy: physical exercise and brain healthy foods with DHA omega-3 are a good start

Listen to Nelson’s tips, and learn what it takes to become a memory pro.


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