Ways for Expecting Moms to get their DHA

Maternal nutrition before, during and after pregnancy plays an important role in fetal and infant development, as well as in maternal well-being. However, most women do not get enough DHA through food. The primary source of DHA is fatty fish, a dietary choice that is not a staple of the typical Western diet. Experts, such as Dr. Michael Roizen, advise pregnant and nursing women to limit their fish consumption due to the potentially high levels of ocean borne contaminants, but to get more DHA. Fortunately, there are algal DHA prenatal supplements and fortified foods, which make it easier for women to include this important nutrient in their diets every day.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, you may want to check your local retailer for prenatal products. Below are a few products that include algal DHA.

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  1. While it’s certainly true that DHA and other omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to the health of moms and kids both during and after pregnancy, and eating fish may be cause for concern due to mercury and other toxins, it’s also important to note that years worth of independent scientific research has shown that plant-derived short-chain omega-3’s are less effective than the long-chain omega-3’s found in fish. The key is to look for high-quality fish-oil supplements manufactured using advanced extraction processes, such as supercritical concentration, which completely filter out all contaminants. We have amassed a wealth of independently researched scientific information on omega-3’s on our web site, http://www.expertomega3.com.

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