Why should you choose foods packed with DHA?

Next time you break for lunch during work or a study session, consider ordering a meal with fatty fish or pack a lunch with foods fortified with DHA omega-3.

The “Memory Improvement with Docosahexaenoic Acid [DHA] Study” (MIDAS), found that a diet rich in DHA can improve memory in adults 55 years of age and older. Healthy people who took 900 mg of algal DHA capsules for six months had almost double the reduction in errors on tests measuring learning and memory performance, a benefit equivalent to having memory skills of someone three years younger.

DHA is naturally found throughout the body and is most abundant in the brain. Just as calcium is essential for building strong bones, DHA ensures that the cells in the brain develop and function properly through all stages of life. DHA is a structural fat making up about 30 percent of the structural fats in the gray matter of the brain and 97 percent of the omega-3s in the brain.

Fatty fish and fortified DHA products are packed with DHA to help support brain health. Visit life’sDHA to find food and beverage products fortified with DHA, such as Gold Circle Farms Eggs and Omega Orange juice.

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