Physical activity tips

Physical exercise is important for brain health, improving cognitive skills and may reduce the risks of cognitive decline.

Nelson Dellis is the two-time USA Memory Champion and understands the importance of physical activity.

“Physical activity helps improve circulation throughout the body and more importantly to the brain. As a result, you feel sharper and more on point,” says Nelson.

Nelson loves taking advantage of the nice weather and encourages people of all ages to get outside and enjoy some fresh air:


Encourage your kids to get the neighborhood together for a game of tag or baseball at the park.


Track and field is here! Check out your school track for a great space to go for a jog or run.


Your lunch break is the perfect opportunity to take a power stroll around the building or block.


Work on your flexibility in the backyard. Stretch your calves when you’re outside getting the newspaper.

Nelson Dellis, the two-time USA Memory Champion, after climbing Mt. Everest.

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