Make Every Bite Count: Foods to Help Support Brain Health

We know that food fuels our body, but it may also fuel our minds.

There are many foods and beverages available that are fortified with DHA that can help to support cognitive function, and the best way to make sure you’re getting sufficient amounts of DHA is to try incorporating it into your diet with products you already enjoy eating and drinking. Milks, juices, breads, cooking oils, yogurts, eggs, even nutrition bars and drink mixes are now being fortified with this important nutrient.

Following are some helpful tips for maintaining a nourished mind:

  • Switch out saturated and trans fats for healthier fats like the ones found in olive oil and fatty fish such as salmon, tuna or trout.
  • Maximize your intake of DHA, which makes up 97% of the omega-3 fatty acids in the brain and is a must-have to support lifelong brain health.
  • Aim for a varied diet rich in fresh, washed fruits and vegetables with the skin on to maximize the nutritional punch. Make sure you’re eating the colorful ones like red grapes, cranberries, blueberries and tomatoes.

How do you measure up?

Check out our DHA Diet Calculator to find out if you’re getting the daily DHA you need to maintain a Beautiful Mind.

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