The relationship between creative expression and aging

The National Center for Creative Aging distributed a newsletter earlier this month, which highlighted research conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center supporting the concept that creative thinking keeps the brain healthy.

The study associated creativity with openness, with regards to the measure of cognitive flexibility and the willingness to entertain novel ideas. Researchers have found several benefits of greater openness, such as longevity, lower metabolic risk, higher self-rated health, and stress management. An article titled “Creativity Predicts a Longer Life” published on the Scientific American website, covered the same study and says, “The linchpin seems to be the creativity associated with the personality trait—creative thinking reduces stress and keeps the brain healthy.”

The National Center for Creative Aging provides technical assistance, education, research and advocacy through a variety of programs to ensure that all people have an opportunity to participate in high quality arts engagement programs.

How are you creatively thinking? 

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