Are you getting enough DHA into your diet?

DHA omega-3 is to our brains as calcium is to our bones. It accounts for 97% of the omega-3 fats in the brain. Yet, most Americans don’t get enough of this nutrient. Cold-water, fatty fish, like salmon, are good dietary sources of DHA. However, if you do not like fish or live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, there are many other foods, beverages and supplements that are fortified with a vegetarian and sustainable, algal-based source of DHA, called life’sDHA.

Try incorporating DHA into your diet with products you already love to eat. Milks, including soymilks, juices, breads, cooking oils, yogurts, eggs, even nutrition bars and drink mixes are now being fortified with algal DHA.

View American’s Brain Health Index to see where your state ranks in terms of brain health. Then, use the DHA Diet Calculator to determine whether you are getting enough good fats in your diet.

How much DHA are you getting in your diet? 

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  1. l4health says:

    Great post, check out my blog for some more interesting facts about omega-3, its sources and other benefits.

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