Ways to Remember More

Studies show that improving brain health is something every person can achieve. From how often we exercise, to the foods we eat and how social we are, our lifestyle can support the health of our brain.

Nelson Dellis, the two-time USA Memory Champion, is a great example of someone who took control of his brain health at an early age. In 2009, Nelson’s grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. Since then, Nelson developed a passion for memory training to keep his mind active, in tune and fully under his control.

To help support his memory, Nelson consumes DHA omega-3, works out regularly and practices mental exercises. In a recent interview with MadeMan.com, Nelson said he never had a good memory; rather, he trained his memory to improve it, just like you would a muscle in the body by lifting weights. 

Below are two of Nelson’s memory exercises for you to try: 

  1. For a list: Use the “memory palace” method to remember a list of items. Picture yourself walking around a well-known area, such as your home, to help you recall each item. For example, if the first item on your list is an apple, imagine yourself in your kitchen, slicing an apple and drizzling caramel sauce over it. Nelson says the more unique the image is, the better your mind will remember.
  1. For new names: When meeting someone new, use distinguishing features and the person’s name, to remember the name. Look out for unique characteristics, such as a beauty mark, and tie that back to the person’s name.

Are there techniques you use to remember items or lists in your day-to-day life? 

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