Foods That Help Your Mood

Have you ever reached for a bag of greasy chips at the end of a bad day? Ever gone into the cookie jar when you’re feeling down? You’re not alone.

Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D. and author of “Food & Mood” writes about the relationship between food and the blues. She says in most cases, indulgence is harmless. However, sometimes people turn to food in an effort to alleviate depression or loneliness and choose items that make them feel even worse. Elizabeth says diet and other healthy habits can help in treating depression effectively.

Research shows diets high in omega-3 fatty acids correlates to lower depression rates. Elizabeth notes DHA is highly concentrated in the brain, and deficient levels of omega-3s in the nervous system may increase the vulnerability to depression.

Fatty fish are not the only way to consume DHA. Finding foods and beverages fortified with DHA is easier than ever as there are more than 550 supplements, foods and beverages fortified with algal DHA. Click here to find a list of these products.

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