Protecting the Heart of the One You Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We talk a lot about brain health on this blog, and we’ve learned that oftentimes, what’s good for the brain is also good for the heart!

This year, honor the hearts of your loved ones by adopting simple steps to keep your family members’ hearts healthy.

  1. Improve your overall level of physical fitness with daily activities like walking, stretching or biking. Maintain a reasonable body weight.
  2. Eat a balanced diet rich in omega-3s, vegetables and fiber. Cut down on carbs, salt and alcohol.
  3. Check your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood flow. Swanson Fruitflow Circulatory Health Formula is a heart health supplement that features Fruitflow® a tomato-based extract to help maintain healthy blood flow by keeping platelets smooth.
  4. Avoid smoking and other risky behaviors that can damage your heart.

Also make it a priority to warm your heart this Valentine’s Day by spending quality time with friends and family!

How are you protecting the hearts of your loved ones this year?

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