Spring Means Time to Get Back Outside


For many Americans, the winter is a time of hibernation due to less than pleasant conditions outside, so when the temperatures rise so do spirits! Getting back outside to exercise is just one of the things spring brings. In honor of the change in seasons, we have complied a list of exercise ideas for Beautiful Minds of all ages to try this spring.

For Millennials

  • Go for a 5K run with a friend and encourage one another to keep up the pace
  • Find an outdoor climbing wall in your area to test your skills while working different muscles
  • Head to the closest body of water and try a stand-up paddle board to work on balance and arm strength

 For GenXers

  • Dust off the bike and go for a 45-minute bike ride
  • Play a pick up game of basketball, soccer or Frisbee at the park
  • Teach your children how to play your favorite sport

For Boomers

  • Hop in the pool for some lap time
  • Volunteer to walk dogs at the local animal shelter
  • Get together with a group of friends for a golf outing and skip the cart


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