May is National Stroke Awareness Month


May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Every year, approximately 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke, and 144,000 strokes are fatal, according to While there are some risk factors that are beyond our control, the good news is strokes can often be prevented—especially through the diet we choose.

How to help prevent strokes through three nutritional tips:

1.     Know your cholesterol number. If it is high, work at lowering it. A good start is improving the foods and beverages you consume and beginning an exercise routine. Include fatty fish, which is high in omega-3 DHA (“good fats”), or an algal DHA supplement like Algal-900.

2.     Lower your salt and “bad” fat intake. By cutting down on sodium and “bad fat,” you may be able to lower your blood pressure, which reduces the risk of stroke. 

3.     Increase and improve blood flow and healthy platelet aggregation by taking a supplement with Fruitflow in it, such as Swanson’s Fruitflow Circulatory Health Formula supplements.

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