Helping Children Get Proper Nutrients


Getting kids to eat properly is difficult, especially with so many tempting, quick options that may not provide them with the proper nutrients we all know they require.

A recent study, the DHA Oxford Learning and Behavior (DOLAB) study, found nutrition had a positive effect on learning in underperforming children. The children who were supplemented with 600 mg of algal DHA per day for 16 weeks had improved reading performance and behavior.

So what items should you consider packing in their lunches to get them the most nutrients?

  • Fruits like apples, pears, oranges or berries
  • Vegetables like carrot sticks, pepper slices or broccoli
  • Whole grains like whole wheat bread for sandwiches or wild rice instead of white rice
  • DHA-rich foods or beverages like single serve Horizon Milk or Super Squeezies, a new non-dairy pudding available in chocolate and strawberry banana

 Consider adding an omega-3 DHA supplement to your child’s daily multivitamin regimen if they are not receiving enough DHA through their diet.

  • BrainStrong Kids is a gummy supplement that contains 100 mg of DHA from a fish-free source, plus other vitamins to help keep your child’s brain functioning at its best. 

What’s your best tip for a healthy school lunch?

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