Healthy foods to take on the go

Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Somer has some tips on how to eat right and get all the nutrients you need when you’re on the go:

Pack your own snacks.

When travelling, bring along some cut up fruit or pack yourself a small salad for an easy and nutritious snack. A spinach salad with some strawberries and nuts is a quick and easy source of vitamin C and B6.

Remember the four airport food groups: Fruit, lettuce, whole grains and lean protein.

If you can’t pack your own snacks, look for healthier options at the airport or train station. Most kiosks have fruit baskets, lean deli salads and milk. An individual milk carton is a good way to get vitamin D while traveling. If fast food is the only option, try ordering a salad with the dressing and croutons on the side or a grilled chicken sandwich.

Look for real food.

Some airports and train stations have real restaurants, like Rubio’s Fish Tacos in San Diego or Macheezmo Mouse low-fat Mexican Food in Portland International. Look for places that have a healthy and nutritious menu so you don’t have to settle for fast food.

What healthy foods do you eat when you’re on the go?

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