Get Active: Move your body, support your brain health

A recent study  at the University of Maryland made a connection between moderate physical activity and protecting your brain from Alzheimer’s disease. The study’s researchers suggest that physical activity can help slow age-related shrinking of the hippocampus.

Regular exercise is one of the four pillars of brain health. Even 30 minutes a day can help to maintain a healthy brain.

Looking for ways to add activity into your day? Try these ideas:

  • Explore a new part of your neighborhood on foot. Plan a new walking route regularly.
  • Dance party! Turn up the tunes and dance it out.
  • Plant or tend to a garden – your own or a community garden
  • Turn your house into a gym. Hold on to a chair for squats, do bicep curls with water bottles or soup cans.
  • Relive your childhood with play – catch a ball, jump rope or play horseshoes.

How do you stay active?

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