How to Plan a Family Reunion

Sure, family reunions can be crazy and hectic, but is there anything better than having family – some close, some far-flung, together in one place? The warm and fuzzy feelings brought on by reconnecting with loved ones have an added bonus: it’s great for your brain health. So, bring on the long-lost cousins and beloved grandchildren! To make planning a reunion stress-free, follow these tips:

  • Choose a date that works for most: Finding the one perfect day that works for everyone just won’t happen (it’s those busy social calendars), so accept that going in. Find a day that works for as many people as possible and most importantly works for you!
  • Delegate: The family that plans together enjoys the reunion together. You don’t have to do it all and, in fact, your loved ones will feel honored when you delegate some tasks, showing your trust in them. Have someone find a location, someone else can take on the music playlist, etc.
  • Capture the memories: Reunions are full of special moments and having someone on hand, whether it be a hired photographer or a snap-happy relative, to take photos will ensure that everyone will be able to literally look back on the day in the months and years to come.
  • Tell your stories: one of the most valuable things we can pass on to younger generations is our history – after all, it’s their history too. Take time to share stories from your life that your nieces, nephews and great-grandchildren might not have heard. They will be grateful for the insight into their heritage.
  • Take it all in stride: At any special event, there are bound to be a few hiccups. Don’t let it get you down. When the day is over and everyone is packed up and on their way home, they won’t remember what went wrong. They’ll remember being together.

Do you have any tips for planning a family reunion?

Large group of children running in the dandelion spring field

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